New Suspension Bridge in Mission BC opens April 1st, 2015


#Scenic7BC photo by @confusioncircle

New to the outskirts of Mission B.C. in the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD Area F) sits the Cascade Falls Regional Park which hosts the beautiful Cascade Falls. Over the past year or more the FVRD and Innergex have been building a free to use Suspension Bridge to give visitors an amazing view of the falls with an additional up close and personal viewing platform on the other side of the bridge.

Cascade Falls Regional Park is a 22 hectare park located in Electoral Area F just northeast of Mission. The park’s main attraction is Cascade Falls, which drops an impressive 30 m into a large pool. From here, Cascade Creek runs into a series of smaller falls within a deeply incised gorge as it drops an additional 18 m to the valley floor to where it empties into Stave Lake. A trail featuring stairs and varying in difficulty from easy to moderate leads to a viewing platform overlooking Cascade Falls. During periods of heavy rain or snowmelt, Cascade Falls water volume is impressive and can be heard from the parking lot.

FVRD, Innergex and BC Hydro are all funding this project. Innergex contributed $225,000 for the construction of the suspension bridge and an educational sign on how falling water generates electricity. The FVRD  contributed $57,550 to reconstruct the stairs and bridges that lead to the suspension bridge, while BC Hydro’s $5,000 contribution will also be used for education purposes relating to the use of hydro power.

This project will compliment the existing Stave Lake Power House Historic Attraction also located in Mission B.C.


#Scenic7BC post by @TeamCMedia


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