Top 7 on Scenic7BC – 7 Hot Springs Experiences on Scenic7BC

7 Hot Springs experiences found on Scenic7BC


There are actually 7 known hot spring experiences accessible from Scenic Highway 7. The community of Harrison Hot Springs counts for two of them but many people may not know that there is several more hiding in the mountains and valleys connected to Scenic Highway 7.  While these hot springs look amazing some of them are very hard to get to. If you have a strong sense of adventure and the ability to get to these springs you may want to check out our Top 7 on Scenic 7 list of Hot Springs below!

When visiting back country hot springs please take caution and care to protect these areas. If you find garbage when you arrive take it home with you and never leave anything behind.

7. Harrison Hot Springs Public Pools

The most accessible of all the Hot Springs is the Harrison Hot Springs public pool. Fed by the same  hot mineral springs as the Harrison Hot Springs Resort the Harrison Hot Springs Public Hot Pools gives everyone visiting Harrison Hot Springs a chance to soak in the therapeutic waters.  For information visit:


Harrison Public Pools by @TourismHarrison

6. Clear Creek Hot Springs

Clear Creek Hot Springs does require a 4×4 truck to get to but it is still the easiest to get to out of all the back country Hot Springs on Scenic7BC. Because of this it is rare you have it to yourself and does not have as natural of a setting or set-up as some of the others. Still a great adventure and a great soak in some volcano heated mineral water. For directions visit:


Clear Creek Hot Springs by: @sydneechristmas

5. Skookumchuck / St Agnes Wells Hot Springs

While the Skook is accessible through West Harrison FSR in Harrison Mills it is more often accessed through the other side of the mountain range on Highway 99. If you are an adventure type you can access this spring and the Sloquet spring via Harrison Mills on 4×4 only road.  This road is not for beginner 4×4 drivers.  For more information about the spring visit”


Skookumchuck Hot Springs by @caroline.tapp


Skookumchuck Hot Springs by @camicamp

4. Sloquet Hot Springs

Just like Skookumchuck, Sloquet is difficult to access because of the road. You must have a 4×4 truck and know how to drive it!  For more information visit


Sloquet Hot Springs by: @bigjohnbrown1


Sloquet Hot Springs by: @brendar_says_yar


Sloquet Hot Springs by: @zanettkat

3. August Jacob’s Hot Springs

This secret Hot Spring has only been discovered by a few people and is completely undeveloped. While the  location has been verified to be near Sloquet and Skookumchuck Hot Springs, August Jacob’s Hot Springs remains a secret to the general public.


Image source:

2. Pitt River Hot Springs

This one is not easy to find but because it is so remote there is often no one else there and happens to be the closest back country springs to the City of Vancouver.  For directions visit


Pitt River Hot Springs by Instagramer: @bunster


Pitt River Hot Springs by Instagramer: @marlodunn


Pitt River Hot Springs by Instagramer: @mattly604

1. Harrison Hot Springs Resort

If battling with mother nature to soak in some hot mineral water just isn’t your thing and you want something fancier than the Harrison Public Hot Pools then a stay at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa is an absolute must! For more information visit


Harrison Hot Springs Resort by @blondie_and_kaya



Harrison Hot Springs Resort by @5minuteformom


Harrison Hot Springs Resort by @tourismharrison


Harrison Hot Springs Resort by @piper604

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