Top 7 places to fly above Scenic Highway 7.

Top 7 on Scenic7BC – Top 7 places to fly above Scenic Highway 7.

Today we break down 7 awesome experiences you can have thousands of feet above Scenic Highway 7. (Lougheed Highway BCHWY7). From landing strips for private aircraftowners to sky diving this list has something for anyone who wants to experience flight.


“Here we go!! No better feeling |#skydivevancouver #gopro #hopnpop #skydive #beautifulBC #cessna” by @SkyDiveVancouver on Instagram above Pitt Meadows.

7. Gliding in Hope, B.C. 



“Can’t have a better! Experience soaring in Hope, BC with Vancouver Soaring Association.” Photos by @fredthemoose14 on Instagram

Hope BC offers some of the best conditions for gliding (also known as soaring) in the province. When the westerly winds from the Fraser Valley hit the local mountains, and in particular Mount Hope, they create strong upward columns of air which can keep a glider in flight for up to 6 or 7 hours. This is why the Vancouver Soaring Association (VSA) has made Hope Airpark their home-base for gliding/soaring. The VSA also offers gliding lessons. Learn more >


“Rainy days make for fun flights dodging clouds! #CHYE #vancouversoaringassociation #soaring #gliding” Photo by @millerbrianne on instagram

6. Mt. Woodside  Para-Gliding


“Mount Woodside is one of the best para-gliding spots in the world.” Photo by Instagramer @Diianagram

One of British Columbia’s most popular para gliding location is Mt. Woodside in Harrison Mills. It is here gliders take advantage the awesome gliding conditions  with an amazing views of the Fraser Valley high above the meeting point of the Harrison and Fraser River.

Learn more>

Paragliding Tours>

Harrison Mills BC>


“We hiked to the paraglider launch today, that view tho 🏞 #mtwoodside #fraserriver#explorebc #paraglider #mountains#nature #view” Photo by @jaihannon on Instagram

5. Harrison Hot Springs Float Plane Excursion


“Float Plane on Harrison Lake, Mount Breakenridge in the distance.” Photo by @trevor_ridder on Instagram

In addition to arriving in Harrison Hot Springs from airports at Abbotsford and Vancouver you can fly directly to Harrison with a float plane.  The float plane dock on the lake in front of the The Harrison Beach Hotel provides moorage for incoming float planes.

Learn more>


“Beautiful morning shot of Float Plane taking off in Harrison Hot Springs #HarrisonInSummer #harrisonhotsprings #summertime #sasquatch #paradise #hometown #heavenonearth” Photo by @toddrichardmusic on Instagram

4. Hope Regional Airport – Hope Aerodrome YHE

Hope Aerodrome is a grass Airpark located 2.6 nautical miles (4.8 km; 3.0 mi) west of downtown Hope. pilots and their guests can arrange transportation into Hope to visit the great selection of restaurants and parks in a beautiful mountain setting along the Fraser River. PSST Blue Moose Coffee House is a must stop! Learn more>

Blue Moose Coffee House: http://BlueMoose.Coffee


“#oldplane#hope#hopebc#hopeairport #britishcolumbia#bc#thingstodoinbc” Photo by @benthomasclarke on instagram



Treat yourself to lunch at the#BlueMooseHope! by @BlueMooseHope on Instagram

3. Pitt Meadows Airport YPK – I Fly For Farms


SKY Hangar… jets welcome.#skyhelicopters #gulfstream #jets#westlundgroup #skyhangar#skyadvantage #flywithsky#pittmeadowsairport #norushhour#vancitybuzz #vancity #corporatelife Photo by @skyhelicopters

The largest airport on Highway 7 is the Pitt Meadows Airport (YPK). They can offer the full range of services for any personal aircraft traveler.  The Pitt Meadows Airport is convenient  located close to the Pitt Meadows Circle Farm Tour partner Hopcott Meats. this premium farm to table grocer and restaurant is located only 5 minutes from YPK! I fly for farms anyone?

Learn More>

Hopcott Farms>


“Local meat, organic bread, and beer! What a meal. #foodie #hopcottfarm #breadaffair” By @jejacobsen19 on Instagram

2. Helicopter Tours


Unbelievable. A whole new world. #instapassport #helicopter #helicopterzone#skyhelicopters #iphone #pittmeadows #vancouver #beautifulbritishcolumbia Photo by @natashawheatley on Instagram

The sky is the limit when you are in a helicopter above Scenic7BC. Our route is wegged between the Fraser River and the coast mountains so you will enjoy amazing views of locations like the Skagit Valley,  Golden Ears Provincial Park and Harrison Lake with Helicopter tours from our Hope & Pitt Meadows locations.

Pitt Meadows Helicopter Tours>

Hope Helicopter Tours>

Watch this 360 video tour by Sky Helicopters:


Coast Mountain Adventure – (360º Video)Don’t stick to the rivers and lakes you’re used to. Go chase some waterfalls in this 360º video of our newest experience, the Coast Mountain Adventure.

Fly over the mountains to see waterfalls, alpine lakes and untouched nature. This adventure includes a half hour mountaintop or remote backcountry landing with a gourmet picnic lunch.

Book Today:


From the archives – this shot never gets old! #helicopter #beautiful #fly #flying #rotor #beautifulbc #valleyhelicopters #bellhelicopter #407 #snow #winter Photo by @emergco on Instagram

1. Private Airstrip at Pretty Estates 


“Gorgeous photo from @rowenasinn where some intrepid travelers flew in for lunch! If you have an eye on the sky, why not land at Rowena’s Inn and Sandpiper Golf Course for a round of golf and lunch! Tag @tourismharrisonmillsin your photos of the ‘Mills to be featured on our Instagram and website! #itsinournature #scenic7bc #adventure #flight #fly #whynotfly #sky #cloud #bluesky #wildwithinreach” by @tourismharrisonmills on Instagram

A must see destination experience for private aircraft owners is a visit to Pretty Estates in Harrison Mills. This golf and recreation resort in BC’s Fraser Valley boasts its own 2100 ft landing strip. With onsite accommodations, dining, golfing and recreation opportunities the Pretty Estates fly is one of those “add to the bucket list” experiences every private airplane owner should do.

Learn more>

Harrison Mills BC>


“I split it. Time to get back out and play@sandpipergolfcourse #playthepiper” Photo by @golfspympb on Instagram

BONUS: Sky Diving in Pitt Meadows 


“Ready, set, GO!! || @skydivevancouver@gopro @jointheteem @adrena_ladies #skydivevancouver #verticalsuits #cessna #skydive #readysetgo #jointheteem#adrenaladies #gopro” Photo by @kaitlynprince on Instagram

Vancouver Skydive located in Pitt Meadows will take you on a life defining adventure in one of the most beautiful places in the world. You’ll freefall alongside jagged mountains that stretch to the sky. You’ll see the character of the Vancouver skyline, the vastness of the Pacific Ocean and endlessness of its peaceful coastline. Experience it all: city, lake, ocean and mountain views, on your first jump!

Learn more>


“Now I know why Tom Cruise does so many airplane stunts in his movies… Its the best thing you can do with your clothes on… emoji#skydiving #topofworld #freefallin#skydivevancouver #wannadoitagain#daredevil” by @neoishu on Instagram


James and his sister Sophie came out for an awesome jump today – stoked to have you guys! | @boxyuk #skydive #bucketlist #skydivevancouver Photo by @SkyDiveVancouver in Instagram in Pitt Meadows.

Not enough flying, gliding, diving and soaring? Watch this video called Fly Over Scenic7BC from our YouTube Channel. 

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